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Calla Lily, the beauty and elegance store and more on the Internet, a wide range that provides its services directly to customers, mainly concerned with everything that concerns women because our logo is women and more ...., and also offers accessories, shoes, bags, nutritional supplements and other fashion products. Calla Lily store targets the Middle East in addition to other consumer markets. The brand was established in November 2018 and the store was launched in 2020 to serve more than 200 thousand customers and more than 5,000 products, and since then Cala Lily has pursued the philosophy of "beauty and modern fashion in your hands"

Calla Lily is proud to present fashionable trends that meet the needs of everyone to enjoy the distinctive elegance, so if you are looking for elegant fashion from dresses, T-shirts or tops in various designs in addition to the best and finest international brands of makeup and skin care, then Calla Lily is one of the best stores in the world in the world Modern fashion that provides high quality and natural products at very competitive prices to all customers throughout the Middle East

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