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Terms and Conditions can be accessed via the internet or mobile apps. store Calla Lily

It provides you with the contents and services available on the site according to the following terms and conditions, our privacy policy and other terms and conditions and policies that you may find through our website, benefits or offers or customer service all of which are part of or included in these terms and conditions (general, "terms and conditions"

Your access to or use of the site is tantamount to an acknowledgment from you that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and have agreed to adhere to them in full without restriction or condition

Intellectual property

We give you non-transferable or assignable personal power to use the programs that we provide to you as part of the website, for the sole purpose of enabling you to use our services and enjoy their benefits, and this is as determined by Calla Lily According to the way the terms and conditions allow

Commercial use or use on behalf of others is prohibited, unless we allow it expressly and in writing in advance. Any breach of these terms and conditions will result in the immediate revocation of the license granted under this paragraph without prior notice to you, and without prejudice to any other rights

All copyrights, trademarks, trade names, commercial appearance, designs, "features" of the website and any other form of intellectual property, materials and other rights related to the website, including software, HTML code and other codes used on the website, page titles, images or Text, illustrations, layouts, logos, designs, icons images, programs, music clips, downloads, or videos (collectively, “intellectual property”), are - and remain at all times - ownership and inherent right For a night calla , As it is protected by international trademark and copyright laws

Intellectual property and all other materials displayed on our website may be accessed, displayed, downloaded and printed only for personal, non-commercial use, as expressly permitted by you. Calla Lily

But (1) provided that you do not make any amendment or change to the intellectual property in any way,

And (2) not to provide or make available intellectual property to any third partyNeeAs a kind of trade. You will never acquire any copyright, trademark or other property right in relation to intellectual property. You do not have any license, right or interest in any materials or programs as an effect of your use of this website or your access to, display, download or print of intellectual property

You may not copy (except as indicated above), publish, transmit, distribute, display, amend, or create works derived from any of the intellectual property materials or from our website or sell or participate in any sale or exploitation of them in any way, whether totally or partially. Intellectual property may only be used as a resource for shopping. Any other use of intellectual property is strictly prohibited, including copying, modifying, distributing, broadcasting, reposting, displaying or performing

Calla Lily It is the exclusive owner or licensee of the intellectual property exclusively (as the case may be), and it is the exclusive licensee of the domain name

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